Women's Day


No matter who you are, there is always that one hymn that will make you stop and sing regardless of what you are doing or where you are. We know and love these hymns but have you ever wondered where they come from. Since it is Women’s Day in South Africa today, Soul Touch Music has decided to honour three women who were inspired to compose some very well-known hymns.

Fanny Crosby
Born in 1820 in New York, Fanny Crosby was the only child of John and Mercy Crosby. At only six weeks old, she caught a cold that caused inflammation in her eyes and as a result she lost her sight. Her father died the year she was born so the young Crosby was raised by her mother and her grandmother who raised her with strong Protestant principles.
Fanny Crosby’s writing career began with short poems that were frequently featured in the local newspaper. She grew famous as an advocate for the blind and as a writer of secular songs. In 1864 she began to write hymns and by the end of her career she had written close to 9000 hymns. Her most famous hymn is ‘Blessed Assurance.’ Fanny Crosby has been described as ‘A blind lady whose eyes can see splendidly into the Sunshine of God’s Love.’
Anna Bartlett Warner
Anna Bartlett Warner was born in 1827. She went on to become a prolific writer and wrote a great deal of books. She wrote some books with her sister and other books under a pseudonym (Amy Lothrop). Warner is famous for her children’s books but she will be forever remembered for teaching children that Jesus loves them. ‘Jesus Loves Me’ is a hymn that is close to the hearts of many adults and children alike.

Eliza Edmunds Hewitt
‘When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be.’ These are the words to one of that many famous hymns written by Eliza Hewitt. Like other influential women, Hewitt used her disabilities to her advantage. Because of her situation, and in spite of it, she wrote a great deal of inspiring lyrics that are still so touching and applicable today. She was born in Philadelphia in 1851 and later on in her life she experienced a major spinal problem which meant that she could not work anymore. Just like many of us, Eliza Hewitt looked forward to the day when she will meet her creator and her Lord.

These three women have managed to inspire, uplift, and transform people by way of their music. Although they faced challenges such as blindness and invalidity, they chose to rise above those obstacles and went on to become soldiers in the army of God. Their remarkable hymns will be sung until the coming of our Lord!
Which Women have encouraged your Spiritual walk?.... Mother, sister?
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