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Harmonies for God

Harmonies for God is a non- profit organization. Our sole purpose is to spread the good news of God through music. By singing and giving praise and all the glory to God, the world can be a better place as we anticipate the second coming of Jesus Christ. The music that we play will hopefully be appreciated by all people, young and old and encourage each listener to give their lives over to the Lord. The style of music that we play is contemporary gospel, music that will appeal to the young and old at heart.  All songs are composed by Lenrick Boesack, director and band leader.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world, through the ministry of music. Rich communities and poor communities will all be able to hear the word of God. With the help of Christ all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)


As a follower and instrument of Christ, it is my responsibility, to share the bible truth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The vision we have is to see that all nations realize that God exists and that he is alive and that He wants us (His children) to be with Him one day in heaven.




Bible Verse

Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

Ephesians 5:19


Lenrick Boesack

Saxophonist/Flutist/Pianist/ Composer/Arranger


Coming from a musical family, my mother played the piano, my father the organ, trumpet and a little violin. My brothers all started with piano including myself.


The sound of different music styles was what I heard at home be it my mom or dad playing hymns on the piano or my brothers playing their different instruments or tapes being played on the stereo. Music was what was encouraged by my parents. I am truly grateful for that.


I went for my first piano lesson at age 8 and since then never looked back. I mostly played at school concerts and for family. I completed my grade 8 Royal Schools Examination for Piano in my final year of High School. It was in High School that I joined the Jazz Band and Wind Orchestra. It was in High School that my love and passion for music was nurtured. Being exposed and listening to the different genres of the world contributed greatly to me wanting to be a musician. While listening and studying all the great composers, playing their music was and still is overwhelming for me.


I started saxophone in high school and knew that this is the instrument for me. I decided to pursue a career in music during my final year of high school. Under the guidance of Dr. Mike Rossi I was privileged and able to learn amazing things about music and the saxophone and jazz music. It was at this time that I played saxophone for various ensembles. Being part of the UCT big band was truly an amazing experience. I am honored to have been the alto saxophonist for the DA band, a senior lecturer’s band which consisted of Cape Town’s finest musicians.


The Cape Town Jazz Orchestra was a wonderful experience. The band and the music were great. Having, Alvin Dyers (one of South Africa’s great guitarist) as a mentor and director of the band contributed greatly to my growth and success as a musician.


I was privileged to have recorded on Moreira Chonguica’s album (The Moreira Project) Multi-award winning Moreira Chonguica (33) is a celebrated Cape Town based musician, originally from Mozambique.


I started my own band during my years at university called “Modal Interchange” It’s a newly formed band where I can truly express my feelings, ideas and have a voice of my own. The music that I compose are songs of my everyday life, experiences and dreams which I hope to achieve in the future.  We have done a demo recording and I am working on new material for our debut album.


Lenrick was born in Malmesbury, Swartland, South Africa on 20 July 1985. Coming from a musical family, he went for his first piano lesson at age 8. Being exposed and listening to the different genres of the world contributed greatly to him wanting to be a musician. While listening and studying all the great composers, playing their music, was and still is, an overwhelming experience for him. As his love and passion for music grew he decided to pursue a career in music. Under the guidance of all the lecturers he was privileged and able to learn amazing things about music, the saxophone and jazz music. He played saxophone and piano for various ensembles and artists.


Lenrick would like to use the talent that he has been blessed with to honor and glorify the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He hopes and prays that when people hear the music that they will see God and praise His name.





We serve an almighty God, a God of love and compassion. I stand before you as a testimony of that love and mercy: Thank you Father for sparing my life.

On April 27th 2012 around 7h45pm my wife and I set foot on South African soil, having returned from South Korea. It was at the airport that my dad had a puzzled and concerned look on his face when he saw me and heard my voice. And suggested I see the doctor.  We were in Korea for two years and it was during our first year there (winter season) that I started feeling stiffness in my hands, tingling of fingers, sharp shooting pains and burning sensations in the back of my neck. It was during our second year of stay in Korea around October/ November when I started having difficulty breathing and swallowing. I struggled to swallow my food and would choke a few times while eating or drinking. It was even hard for me to lift me head up while lying down in bed. It was hard for me to walk comfortably as my feet would pain each step I took. My legs started to pull stiff and it was hard to run, jump or even bend my legs. At the time we were living in a very rural area, a small farming village. It only had one hospital. We went to one of the city hospitals in Kwangju first. With a basic level of understanding of English I had to explain to the doctor my symptoms. All that he did was an X-ray of my hands and said I have tendinitis. We went to another doctor and he said I have sinusitis. I even had acupuncture and the doctor there said there is something wrong with my stomach and that I have a little blood in my body. As time went on I started losing weight and muscle strength. I was weak. Every day for the last six months of us being in Korea I heard people say… “Wow Taeyang (my Korean name) sick?” “Not good.” “You look sick” If it were not for the hand of God I would not have made it back to South Africa - Back in South Africa. So, off we went to the doctor. It was a Friday night. The doctor had to leave his home to come and see me at his private practice in Wynberg. He is an ENT specialist. We went to the ENT because I had problems with my speech and swallowing. The sound of my voice was very nasal, hoarse and weak by now.  The Doctor examined me and referred me to Groote Schuur Hospital. I guess he could see that there was something else wrong with me. We immediately went to Groote Schuur Trauma Unit, as it was a Friday night.  At first they did not know what was wrong with me. And it took some time for them to figure out what was really wrong with me.  The next day we returned and they took X-rays of my chest. The following week I had to see the ENT and was admitted into Groote Schuur Hospital. They found out that there was swelling of my Oesophagus and they referred me to the cardioracic, Ward D24, to run some tests. The surgeons did an operation to check for cancer and discovered that it was not cancerous. This operation led to a chest infection because of my weak immune system. What usually takes patients 30minutes to come out of sedation after the operation took me about 6hours. I remember at one stage they wanted to discharge me but I said that I am not feeling well and that was when it all began. It was 5h30 the morning when I went to the toilet and the nurse asked me if I was ok and I said that I was fine. A few minutes later I had a cesure. There was so much carbon dioxide in my body that my heart stopped beating. The doctors had to resuscitate me. It was at this stage that I was admitted into ICU for 3 weeks. You see God loves me so much that He sent me to where I can get special attention the Intensive Care Unit. I even had my own personal nurse/nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapist and about twenty doctors (specialists) coming to see me everyday. I even had a lazy boy chair next to my bed. That’s the kind of God I serve. It was during my time in ICU that they discovered what was wrong with me and this was after a month of me being in hospital. I was diagnosed with polymisitis(meaning: inflammation of many muscles). In other words my body was attacking itself.

While I was in ICU I saw 5 people die right infront of me. The bible says the wages of sin is death. And as I saw these people die, not once did the thought of me dying cross my mind. I felt no pain. I was not concerned about anything. I was just calm. Maybe it was the medication I don’t know. But what I do know is that God was with me.  It was an overwhelming experience for me to have seen how ones life can be taken so quickly. The nurses and doctors are only able to do so much. The rest is in Gods hands.


Through my whole experience at the hospital I had family and friends who supported me all the way. Thank to all who came to visit and give words of encouragement. Walter, Craig, Ravano, Cindy, My mother and father inlaw, Jade, Marcilino, Tobi, Sonja, Laurika and everybody else who came to see me I really appreciated it because it does get lonely in a hospital. I would like to thank my Dad for coming to see me everyday without fail. For comforting me and encouraging me to remain strong. There were times when I had to say, ok, take a break dad, you don’t have to come next visiting hours. Nonetheless he still came. Last but not least. My lovely wife. Baby, words cannot express how much your support meant to me. You kept me going. You don’t know this but everyday I said to myself, don’t die Lenrick, Aindrea is waiting for you. Aindrea is waiting for you. We have only been married for 2 years now but you never gave up on me. You were always there by my side. Everyday my wife would travel by train and taxi to come and see me. Sometimes she would sit for hours at the hospital just to see me next visiting hours. Baby, I love you.


Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We serve a living God. A God that can conquer death. A God that loves us. A God of hope. And a God of strength. No matter what you are going through no matter how big or small the problem, God will carry you through it all. Believe in Him. If he can do it for me, he can do it for you.

Harmonies For God
Harmonies For God